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→ Diffractive element tester
SCIL® nano-imprint module

Diffractive element tester - PrimeSense (Israel)

An industrial machine was developed and built for testing Diffractive Optical Elements (3D sensors for e.g. gaming).

For gaming 3D sensors are required to detect movements without limitations of cables. PrimeSense has developed a 3D optical sensor based on a laser and Diffractive Optical Elements. For safety reasons 100% of the sensors must be tested. Therefore a cost effective and robust machine was developed by MI-Partners. A concept study resulted in a system based on a standard industrial robot with a custom gripper and several handling stations.

  • Robust and cost effective machine concept
  • Speed: 14.400 Optical elements per hour
  • CD handling (robustness and flatness)
Key Competences:
  • Fast prototyping. Development time from scratch to delivery: 20 weeks
  • Cost engineering
  • with NTS Optel for optics, electronics and software