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G-force test gantry - Philips Medical Systems, Hamburg

A dedicated test gantry has been developed for testing and verification of X-Ray modules used in CT Scanners. The gantry applies centrifugal forces for overload testing and accelerated lifetime testing of modules.

At Philips Medical Systems in Hamburg, X-ray components for CT Scanners are developed and produced. The next generation CT Scanners will rotate at a higher speed that will expose its internal components to higher centrifugal forces. Regulations state that before application in a medical environment all components need to be tested with a factor 4 mechanical overload. In order for Philips to continue  selling certified medical systems in future, MI-Partners has developed a test device. This G-force test gantry is capable of applying these extremely high centrifugal forces in a safe way.

MI-Partners  carried out a turn-key project starting with the specifications  up to installation and validation testing of the device on site. video

  • A universal mechanical interface for testing existing and future components
  • An open structure to achieve accessibility to components inside a structure that needs to withstand >35 tons of centrifugal force
  • Human safety, CE-certification
  • Machine safety, FMEA
  • Realize assisted balancing and vibration monitoring using ultra-sensitive acceleration sensors
Key Competences
  • System architecture
  • FMEA & Risk management
  • Dynamics & control
  • Project management
  • G-force test gantry operational inside a safety bunker at Philips, capable of applying high centrifugal forces
  • Direct drive system with integrated functional safety from Siemens to realize a safe working environment for the operator
  • Generic object carriers used to support X-ray components
  • VHE: Engineering and realization of E-cabinet/hardware and PLC-software
  • Siemens: Support and delivery of actuators, drives and safety PLC
  • Vijselaar: Custom designed slip ring unit for power/data transfer from the rotor
  • SKF: Delivery of all bearings and assistance during installation
  • Philips Medical Systems: Define specifications, program Labview user interface and realization of the bunker