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Actuator Test Rig - ASML

A highly accurate test set-up, with extreme force range-resolution-ratio, for testing new actuator concepts was developed.

For future wafer scanners ASML Research Mechatronics is developing new actuator concepts. For characterizing the behaviour of new types of actuators MI-Partners developed a test rig.

  • Extreme range-resolution-ratio force measurement (1kN +/- 1mN)
  • Time synchronous monitoring of all type of sensor data
  • High required servo bandwidths (>200Hz)
  • Non rigid body behavior between actuator and sensor
Key Competences:
  • Prediction of frequency response functions
  • Custom air bearing design (first suspension frequency on air film >700Hz), prediction of air film stiffness and verification measurements
  • xPC Motion Control development platform for flexible implementation of advanced control algorithms
  • Safety implementation and testing (grounding, bounding)
  • High resolution/low noise data acquisition with analogue sensors (16 bit ADC) and digital encoders (5 nm resolution)
  • Closed-loop sample frequency of 10 kHz
  • Simex Technology for air bearing design
  • NTS Mechatronics for cleanroom facilities and assembly support