Other Projects

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Assembly tool - (Client confidential)

For a high-tech application, several small components need to be aligned accurately and glued together.

From concept to fully detailed drawings, MI-Partners has designed and built a specialized tool to perform this assembly. The tool has been assembled and tested together with our customer in their cleanroom facilities.

  • High positioning accuracy in X/Y/RZ (<100nm total budget), highly compliant RX/RY/Z to ensure flat contact of components.
  • Optics adjustment and calibration strategy.
  • Design of chucks for all different components, with vacuum clamping.
  • Clean room compatible.
Key Competences
  • Construction principles for precision engineering.
  • System architecture (dynamic and thermal stability).
  • Error and tolerance budgeting.
  • Alignment stage with 30nm resolution and 1.5e7 N/m stiffness in X/Y/RZ.
  • Ratio RX/RY/Z-stiffness vs. X/Y/RZ-stiffness 1:125.000.
  • Highly adjustable optics box.
  • Customer (specifications and review)
  • PMBearings (development of custom long-stroke stage).