Other Projects

G-force test gantry
Polymer damper
High-speed XYZ Glue unit
Actuator Test Rig
Nano precision X-Y-Rz stage
Through-wall maglev stage
Active Vibration Isolation
MPI head scanner
Gantry stage fair demonstrator
Force cancellation demonstrator
Glass test setup
Assembly tool
Seismic Vibrator
→ Hybrid Actuator
Automatic Bookstack Unloader
Over Actuated Demonstrator
Trailer design
Diffractive element tester
SCIL® nano-imprint module

Hybrid Actuator - Internal research

A new linear hybrid actuator for active force cancellation was developed.

In precision machines vibration isolation systems isolate the machine components from the surroundings. For suppressing the reaction forces originating in the positioning systems of the machine itself a novel actuator is developed.

An article can be found here.


  • Realization of an actuator with low stiffness, high force density and low power dissipation
  • Compensation of negative stiffness caused by hybrid actuator configuration
Key Competences
  • Magnetic finite element actuator design
  • Low hysteresis material selection
  • New actuator design capable of generating 300N with 300At in total
  • Actuator constant of 10500 N2/W