MI-Partners News Archive

Celebration new building

13 December 2019

The celebration of the opening of the new facility has been a great success. All guests were shown around through the office spaces and assembly rooms. During the drinks director Leo Sanders presented a brief history of MI-Partners referring as well to the small corridor on which it all started 12 years ago with MI-Partners. Impressive how much has changed over the years! For those who were not able to join this event, feel free to bring us a visit and see for yourselves!

Happy hour lecture at Simon Stevin

28 March 2019


Jasper Simons, tells about one of his projects in the Backend of the Semiconductor industry. Jasper is a former Simon Stevin board member and likes to share his industry experience with Mechanical Engineering students.

Thermal qualification of precision motion systems

28 March 2019

please join the Lecture on Thermal qualification of precision motion systems by Maurice Limpens at the HTS Fair 2019.

Geen nauwkeurige machine zonder goede thermische huishouding

2 November 2018

Met een bladveer kun je een systeem niet alleen statisch bepaald ophangen, het is ook een prima thermische isolator. Voor lang niet alle ingenieurs is zo’n oplossing gesneden koek. Lees meer in het artikel in Mechatronica&Machinebouw: 



MI-Partners houdt de wind in de zeilen bij WSV Simon Stevin!

27 August 2018

MI-Partners houdt de wind in de zeilen bij WSV Simon Stevin!

MEDSI Proceedings

11 July 2018


MI-Partners is active in the development of Synchrotron instrumentation, like Monochromators, KB-mirrors and sample manipulators.

MI-Partners is used to develop high-end (eg. nanometer stability) stages and manipulators in challenging environments ( UHV, X-ray, Cryo-cooling) based on technology available within MI-Partners, such as piezo or floating stages with accurate feedback loops. For these manipulators, not only the dynamic performance is important, but the design of the cooling and sample handling plays an important role as well. MI-Partners can help you develop your next generation state of the art manipulator.

As a reference project MI-Partners has developed together with the Brazilian Synchrotron Sirius / LNLS a new very stable DC Monochromator. (See REF)

For future development, MI-Partners proposes a very accurate rotation stage with a Sphere of confusion less than 5 nm based on floating stage technology and feedback systems (See Ref). Please contact us (R.Schneider@MI-Partners.nl) when you are interested.

18th International Conference & Exhibition 4th – 8th June 2018, Venice, Italy

7 May 2018

MI-Partners will be present at the 18th International Conference & Exhibition in Venice, Italy. 

Our colleague, Dr. Dick Laro will host a tutorial: Dynamics and control of mechatronic systems 

You can find us at booth nr. 23. 


Lunch lecture at Simon Stevin, Eindhoven University of Technology

4 April 2018

Jasper Simons

Jasper Simons, former Simon Stevin board member, informs students on what type of remarkable designs they can achieve with their education.