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Polymer damper - ASML

In close cooperation with GMT, a polymer damper with an extremely high damping ratio of 50% has been developed and is currently produced in volume.

To apply damping to the suspension of an optical module used in next generation lithography tools, a dedicated polymer damper has been developed. To reach the extremely high damping values, a new polymer material was developed in close cooperation with GMT. The dampers are produced in volume and their performance has been verified. MI-Partners has developed in-depth knowledge regarding the design of polymer dampers. Models have been developed such that these dampers can be developed and produced with a first-time-right strategy in future projects.

  • Achieving extremely high damping by passive means
  • Material development with 50 % internal damping at low frequencies
  • Material characterization and establishing FEM models
  • System level modeling with high predictability
  • Series production with high predictability
  • Clean room compatibility
Key Competences
  • Predictive modeling, dynamic system modeling
  • FEM models of polymer material
  • Design rules for polymer dampers
  • Application and production experience
  • Measurement setup to characterize dynamic properties (stiffness, damping) of material and entire dampers
  • Entire suspension with dedicated metal spring and dedicated polymer damper
  • Verification of dynamic properties (stiffness, damping) of entire suspension
  • Modeling and design competence for first-time-right damper development
  • Cooperation with GMT to produce customer specific dampers
  • Predictive modeling on system and damper level with high predictability
  • GMT Gummi-Metall Technik GmbH.