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Seismic Vibrator - TU Delft

A seismic vibrator, capable of applying low frequency forces repeatable to the ground, was developed and built.


For seismic monitoring and exploration of oil and gas reserves the ground is excited with a vibrator. Commercially available systems use hydraulics to create the required forces. For the excitation at low frequencies (2-5 Hz), the non-linear behavior of the hydraulics is the limiting factor in the performance. Therefore, a new vibrator, based on linear motor technology was developed.


A Euspen paper can be found here.


  • Obtaining a signal bandwidth of 2-200Hz without limitations from internal resonances within the 1000 kg structure
  • Creating a stiff, frictionless and repeatable guiding for 24/7 usage
  • Designing a low stiffness gravity compensator
Key Competences
  • Prediction of frequency response functions / mode shape analyses
  • Construction Principles for Precision Engineering
  • In the field tested prototype
  • Working prototype for research of non-linear ground behavior