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At MI-Partners we attach importance to protecting the privacy of all people whose data we process. This privacy statement is intended for you if you are:


a contact at one of our (potential) customers of one or more services of MI-Partners; a contact at one of our (potential) suppliers; an external (technology) consultant, trainer or a contact of one of our external audit or consultancy companies; a contact who was given as a reference by applicants at MI-Partners; a contact of any authority (company, government, tax-authority, professional organisation of employers or employees, school, university, partner, etc.) with whom we (wish to) enter into a form of contact or collaboration and whose personal data we process.


If you choose to provide us with your personal data, we will use this information in accordance with this privacy statement.


a. when do we process your personal details?

We process your data as soon as you provide them to us. This can be done by e-mail, text message, verbally (by phone, in a MI-Partners office, during a visit to your company, at an event, training course, etc.), through giving us your business card or in any other possible way. This also happens when you are registered as a contact for our services by your company or organisation. If you have made your personal data public, e.g. via social media such as LinkedIn, and such information indicates that you are interested in (working for) us or you are interesting for us, we might contact you to ask you whether you are interested in registering with us. If you are not interested and there is no other legal ground for us to process your personal data, your data will only be used in order to meet your wish not to be approached by us, after which they will be deleted.


b. why do we need your personal details?

We process your personal data for the purposes mentioned below and will not use this data for other purposes without informing you in advance and, if necessary, asking your permission. We process your personal data based on your consent, to the extent necessary for the performance of a contract to which you or your company is a party or in order to take steps at your request or at the request of your company prior to entering into a contract. We can also process your personal data to the extent necessary for compliance with the legal obligations to which we are subject or to the extent necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us or by a third party.


More specifically, we use your personal data to:

be able to provide you with information about the services and other activities of MI-Partners; enter into a professional relationship with your company or organization; to enter into and maintain a service agreement and to enable its realisation; exchange information with you about offers, project planning and project performance as well as of the invoicing and accounting; approach you for commercial offers, newsletters, events, workshops and other MI-Partners promotions/marketing campaigns that may be of interest to you; contact you for taking references and assessing the profile and the suitability of a candidate who has given us permission to approach you for this; contact you in your position at a public institution (government, university, professional federation, etc.) to look after the interests of MI-Partners; guarantee company safety.


We use and process your personal details, depending on the type of processing, on the basis of:

-our (pre)contractual relationship and all related statutory obligations of MI-Partners: if we negotiate or enter into an agreement with you or your company or organisation, we need certain information from you or from a person involved in your company or organisation to be able to submit and discuss a suitable offer and to be able to prepare this agreement, draw it up and then carry it out correctly. If you do not want your personal data to be processed as part of this, we cannot enter into service with you. In the realisation of a project agreement we communicate our contact details or those of specific people of your company or organisation to our staff so they know who to contact when they introduce themselves or are going to start and/or perform their task.


-the legitimate interest of MI-Partners or of a third party: if necessary, we use your details to meet justified interests of MI-Partners or of third parties. This can be done, for instance, to offer and promote all services, and/or provide you with informative messages that are in line with what you can reasonably expect to receive from us in the context of our existing or possible future relationship. This can also be done for access or internal control and audits to guarantee the safety and continuity of our systems and partnerships. This legitimate interest is also present when we need to file your data as part of establishing, implementing or substantiating a possible legal procedure.


c. what personal data do we process?

We first and foremost process personal data that is necessary for enabling the correct realisation of our services: your name and surname, your professional address and your professional contact details (telephone or mobile phone number and e-mail address). Additional data (e.g. job, job title, competence, etc.) is not always necessary but may be useful as part of further developing our business relations or to better align our services and commercial actions to your interests, wishes and needs. Other data is fully optional and only focuses on maintaining a good personal relationship with you (e.g. your birthday, your hobbies, etc.). If you choose to share these personal data with us then we can process this in our database. We advise you to pass on any changes in your personal data as soon as possible.


d. who do we share your personal data with?

Only if necessary for the realisation of objectives mentioned, for the execution of the existing agreement, observing the statutory requirement (of MI-Partners or of a third party) or the protection of a justified interest (of MI-Partners or of a third party) can MI-Partners transfer some of your personal details:

1. to subcontractors or suppliers of MI-Partners, for among others:

providing services or carrying out tasks and orders on behalf and at the expense of MI-Partners (e.g. IT providers, cloud providers, research bureaus, entrance security access, etc.); providing services to MI-Partners as part of employment (e.g. external medical prevention services, …);

2. to our auditors, audit and certification agencies, for among others:

audit of our annual accounts; obtaining and preserving certain certificates; audit of subsidy dossiers (e.g. European Social Fund);

3. to various public bodies, in the context of inspections and investigations, such as, among others:

federal and regional inspection services and accreditation bodies; social security departments; tax authorities;

4. to all other third parties we are obliged to by law, court order or decree.


MI-Partners will not sell, lease or make your personal data available for commercial purposes to third parties.

If our suppliers process your personal data for MI-Partners, they act as processors as laid down in the GDPR. We conclude a processing agreement with these processors and do everything in our power to ensure that they sufficiently protect your personal details. To the extent permitted by law your personal data may in certain cases be transferred to a country outside the Netherlands and the European Union. MI-Partners takes the necessary contractual and technical security measures to ensure that all personal data passed on are adequately protected against loss or unlawful processing.


e. how long do we keep your personal details?

Your personal data is kept for the time required for the execution of the objectives described under point b and for the observance of our legal obligations. Your personal data is not kept longer than necessary for the purposes for which they are or have been processed.


f. security measures

MI-Partners does everything in its power to protect your personal data against unlawful use. We do this on the basis of physical, administrative and technological measures. 


g. your rights

You can request access, correction, restriction, portability or removal of the data that MI-Partners processes about you at any time by sending a request to:


h. cookies

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