System architecture

System architure combines multiple disciplines from a high system level in order to design and build systems within complex boundary conditions.

Design for precision

Applying design principles to avoid hysteresis, drift and wear leads to solutions that are highly reproducible and predictable.

Dynamics & Control

Using advanced simulation methods, the performance of a mechatronic system can be predicted and optimized in an early stage.

Thermal analysis and design

Thermo-mechanical effects can play a large role in the positioning accuracy of high-end systems. MI-Partners can predict this behavior and improve thermomechanical system performance.

Vibration isolation and damping

Vibration isolation and damping by active and passive means are essential to improve performance of high-end mechatronic systems.

Testing and validation

MI-Partners has the experience, equipment and facilities to perform and interpret measurements in the fields of dynamics, electronics and thermomechanics.

Simulation and FEM analysis

MI-Partners has advanced software tools to simulate a variety of physical phenomena.

Project management

MI-Partners project managers can manage complex, multidisciplinary projects with a highly innovative character.

Motion and equipment control

MI-Partners has the capability to bring high-end precision positioning systems into closed loop control and to position them at nanometer levels.

Actuator design

To achieve the maximum performance from a mechatronics system, integration of the right actuator is essential; off-the-shelf or custom.

Vacuum Technology

Systems that involve processes with certain frequencies of light, X-rays or electrons cannot function in air; these require design for (ultra-high) vacuum.

Air bearing stages

For frictionless operation, we can design airbearings for your application. Both orifice or porous bearings can be designed and calculated.

Software development

In many projects of MI-Partners real-time embedded control software is essential to realize system performance.


Almost all of our systems require dedicated electrical components and electronics.


Cryogenic environment put specific demands on materials and design choices.

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