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Vacuum Technology


A good vacuum system has all matter removed from it, but how to deal with a mechatronics system inside ultra-high vacuum? Vacuum compatibility of mechatronic systems is a very important system requirement that has not only a huge impact on design but also on realization, integration, and testing of the system.

Vacuum design

All seals and feedthroughs (for movement, power, signals, etc.) must be designed for extremely low leakage. Futhermore, the materials inside cause outgassing and contamination. We can design systems to meet these challenging requirements.

Project examples

  • SGB test setup

Vacuum competence at MI-Partners

  • Principle concept generation and evaluation (actuators, guiding systems inside or outside vacuum, effect on performance and vacuum level).

  • Detailed design for vacuum.

  • Vacuum budgeting.

  • Vacuum design rules for mechanical engineers.

  • Outgassing calculations

  • Design for (RGA) testing.

  • Design for cleaning.

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