At MI-Partners we develop prototypes and one of a kind equipment. A lot of times we are able to give our customers a technical competitive advantage in their market by making their systems faster and/or more accurate. These projects are confidential so here we only share some of the projects we have carried out. 



A dedicated test gantry has been developed for testing and verification of X-Ray modules used in CT Scanners.

Polymer Damper


In close cooperation with GMT, a polymer damper with an extremely high damping ratio of 50% has been developed and is currently produced in volume.

High-speed glue unit


A high-speed XYZ manipulator was designed and built to print glue lines for semiconductor die bonding.

Actuator test rig


A highly accurate test set-up, with extreme force range-resolution-ratio, for testing new actuator concepts was developed.

Nano precision stage


In close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth a high accuracy stage for wafer alignment has been developed and built.

Through wall maglev


An in-house developed vacuum compatible through-wall actuator in 6 Degrees of Freedom

Active vibration isolation


MI-Partners has developed a new active 6 degree-of-freedom vibration isolation platform.

Stage fair demonstrator


In close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth a gantry stage demonstrator was developed.

Force cancellation 


A rebuild of the Bosch Rexroth demonstrator was made with the addition of force cancellation, developed to optimize machine performance.

MPI head scanner


A dedicated test set-up has been developed for testing and verification of Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)

Glass test setup


An improved setup was designed and built to test the strength of glass components in X-Ray sources for medical applications.

Assembly tool

Precision machining

For a high-tech application, several small components need to be aligned accurately and glued together.

Seismic shaker

Oil & gas

A seismic vibrator, capable of applying low frequency forces repeatable to the ground, was developed and built.

Hybrid actuator


A new linear hybrid actuator for active force cancellation was developed.

Automatic unloader


An industrial Book Stack Unloader was developed and built for unloading papers per book from an industrial printer.

Over Actuated demo

Precision machining

or a lightweight 450mm wafer chuck a set-up was designed and built to test smart actuator placement.

Trailer design


A low cost trailer with the Hapert quality and look was designed for the private market. 

Diffractive element

Precision machining

An industrial machine was developed and built for testing Diffractive Optical Elements (3D sensors for e.g. gaming).

Nano imprint module

A design-in of the SCIL® nano-imprint technology was developed for integration in the MA6 of SÜSS MicroTec.

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