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SCIL® nano-imprint module

Philips / SÜSS MicroTec AG


A design-in of the SCIL® nano-imprint technology was developed for integration in the MA6 of SÜSS MicroTec.

The SCIL® technology makes use of a glass groove plate to generate a wave to imprint a stamp to a substrate. By means of SoLgel or UV-curing this imprint will be replicated. This technology was implemented on a Mask Aligner (MA6) of SÜSS MicroTec and is commercially available now.

MI-Partners has designed this module existing of a glass groove plate, a custom pneumatic connector and a pneumatic supply cabinet.


  • Thorough understanding of process to define the boundaries for the mechanical design

  • Transfer from research model to industrial prototype

Key Competences

  • Precision Engineering

  • Engineering with Glass Ceramics


  • with Philips Research and Louwers Glas

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