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Trailer design

Hapert Wagenbouw


A low cost trailer with the Hapert quality and look was designed for the private market. Focus was on mass and costs reduction.

WB Hapert normally builds robust and heavy trailers for the professional market. For home gardening or home improvement a low cost version is required. MI-Partners has designed a new trailer with the aid of FEM and based on construction principles. The new design is based on a strong and lightweight construction that is assembled with blind rivets to decrease assemble time and lowering the integral cost price.  To prove that the new construction is as strong as calculated it was successfully tested with extreme forces  and loads. 

The new trailer is called Amigo and was introduced in 2009 (


  • Low product cost

  • Robust design that represent the Hapert quality


  • Cost reduction 45%

  • From scratch to full production within 1 year

  • Design used for complete new trailer line, introduced in 2009

Key Competences

  • FEM analyses

  • Cost engineering


  • with the application specialists of Hapert

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