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Rotating sample manipulator for nano imaging

Technology demonstrator

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A rotating sample manipulator for nano imaging  was developed for material and life sciences research.

Working for several scientific institutes and industrial partners, MI-Partners recognized the need for a high accuracy sample manipulator (tomography and microscopy). Because of our broad experience in (cryogenic) mechatronics, we were able to translate needed research functionality into a sample manipulator concept.


The sample manipulator offers highly repeatable off-center accuracy in the nanometer range during rotation. This off-center rotation allows for 3D sample imaging. See the video.


  • Actuator design with very low heat dissipation

  • Sensor signal synchronization


  • with Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Frepa for precision parts

Key Competences

  • Actuator development

  • Electro-magnetic simulations

  • Metrology


  • 6DoF floating

  • +/- 1.5 mm stroke

  • Nanometer accuracy

  • 60 RPM

  • Vacuum and cleanroom compatible

  • Hollow center design

  • Step or flyscan mode

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