High-speed XYZ Glue unit


A high-speed XYZ manipulator was designed and built to print glue lines for semiconductor die bonding.

A new technology in the semiconductor industry is to glue IC components to lead frames. To apply the glue accurately a high precision XYZ manipulator is needed. A new concept is developed with the aid of predictive modeling. MI-Partners has manufactured, assembled and tested the first OEM modules.


  • High-speed X Y Z positioning module with high accuracy

  • Proto phase skipped by means of predictive modeling. The first module is the first of the production series with all the robustness and lifetime requirement

Key Competences

  • Predictive modeling (mode shapes in control loop)

  • Concept design


  • A High-speed XYZ Glue unit with:

  • working area of 8 x 8 x 8 mm3

  • accuracy of 5 µm

  • accelerations of 50 m/s2

  • controller implemented on NXP’s FlexDMC drive


  • NXP ITEC (Specifications and reviews)

  • Renishaw/Lasertec (development xy-sensor)

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