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Glass test setup

Philips Healthcare Dunlee (USA)


An improved setup was designed and built to test the strength of glass components in X-Ray sources for medical applications.

X-Ray sources use glass parts to insulate the voltage (150kV) between anode and cathode side. The loading of these glass parts in the application occasionally results in cracks in the glass. After analyzing the stress distribution in the glass in detail, an improvement of the existing test setup (built by the customer) was designed. MI-Partners has manufactured and shipped the parts and assembled and tested the setup successfully at the customer’s facilities in the USA.

(Photo's courtesy of Dunlee, a Philips Healthcare company. All rights reserved.)


  • Understanding the loading of the glass in the X-Ray source and the existing setup.

  • Designing an improved way to clamp the test-piece without introducing stress.

  • Changing the way the force is applied and measured.

Key Competences

  • Fast prototyping (10 weeks from first visit to delivery)

  • Predictive modeling (Finite element analysis (FEA) of different concepts).

  • Construction principles for precision engineering.


  • Assembly time of new test-piece reduced from about 15 minutes to <5 minutes.

  • Stress due to mounting reduced by factor of 3-4 with respect to existing setup.

  • Highly linear load application and measurement up to 2500N.


  • Philips Healthcare Dunlee in Aurora Illinois, USA (specifications and design reviews)

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