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Automatic Bookstack Unloader

Book Factory Systems


An industrial Book Stack Unloader was developed and built for unloading papers per book from an industrial printer (HP).

The modern industrial printing offices are dominated by online orders from the internet. The batch sizes are low, e.g. 1 or 2 books per customer. Therefore the processes must be very flexible. Normally an industrial printer will make a huge pile of paper consisting of many different books. To gain flexibility and robustness each book is separately unloaded from the printer without disturbing the printing process. Pages are printed every second.


  • Robust and cost effective machine concept

  • Unload book within 0.5 sec. without disturbing the print cycle

Key Competences

  • Cost engineering, design in plate material

  • Fast prototyping, development time from scratch to delivery: 20 weeks


  • with Hoppenbrouwers for electronics and software

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