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Gantry stage fair demonstrator

Bosch Rexroth


In close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth a gantry stage demonstrator is developed to be exposed at semiconductor fairs.

The demonstrator shows the variety of components of Bosch Rexroth, both in the mechanical and in the control domain. MI-partners has integrated these components into a fully functional gantry stage system, including an X,Y,θ motion, a measurement portal and a highly damped suspension.  

This demonstrator turned out to be such a success, a second demonstrator was developed internally with the addition of active vibration isolation mounts, as can be seen here


  • Selection and integration of cost-effective components in an attractive and mechatronically well-designed stage


  • Vibration isolation system with unique high modal damping of >25% at ~10Hz

  • Reproducible movements and ensured lifetime by e.g. the use of flexures ensuring smooth running in all cases

  • Light weighted and stiff design of stages resulting in an obtainable bandwidth of the stage of >100Hz, <1μm repeatability

  • Clean cable routing integrated in design

Key Competences

  • System design

  • Dynamics and vibration control

  • Mechanical design (for stiffness and DOF)

  • Project management


  • Bosch Rexroth

  • VHE

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