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Motion and equipment control


MI-Partners employees have a strong fundamental background in control engineering. We have the experience to integrate this knowledge into standard industrial motion control systems. As MI-Partners is independent from hardware manufacturers and has developed systems for a wide variety of customers, we have experience in a broad range of motion control systems.

Fundamental control knowledge

  • Frequency domain control tuning.

  • Frequency domain measurements. 

  • Multi Input-Multi Output feedback control strategies.

  • Setpoint/input shaping.

  • Iterative Learning Control.

  • Over-actuation and over-sensing.

  • Flexible body control.

Hardware implementation

Typically, our customers have a preferred control environment, to which we can easily adapt. When required we can advise on the best platform for your application. Some of the systems on which we have experience are:

  • Matlab xPC (Simulink Realtime).

  • National Instruments cards and systems.

  • LabView.

  • Delta Tau power PMAC.

  • Bosch Rexroth Nyce.

  • RoboteQ.

  • Aerotech.

  • A-M-C.

For more information about our competences, please contact us

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