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System architecture


The role of System architecting is to translate the overall system requirements into a high level system design.

What does it mean?

The requirements and boundary conditions for a system can be determined by:

  • The application,

  • Technological aspects,

  • Business aspects,

  • Human aspects,

  • etc.

All these aspects need to be taken into account in the development process and the solution.


This requires:

  • A solid multi-disciplinary set of competences covering the required aspects of designing high-end mechatronics systems,

  • The ability to understand specific application-related system-aspects of every customer to support the design process appropriately and effectively.


Gathering these specific application aspects and reusing the experience from various areas and projects, enables us to come up with out-of-the-box solutions and keeps the role of a System architect very challenging and dynamic.

Way of working

Our System architects develop the high level system design by balancing system requirements towards technological effort and risk supported by vision and experience. Providing the boundaries for the development activities of multi-disciplinary teams and supporting these teams efficiently are two of their main tasks. 


Besides the application-, business-, and human aspects, several technical competences are required to support a multi-disciplinary system design:

These competences of MI-Partners are shown on the other compentence pages.

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