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Actuator design


Depending on the specifications of the system, we will select or develop the best actuator solution for your application. Choices will be made in the following fields:

  • Rotating or translating (linear) actuator,

  • Direct or indirect drive (transmission),

  • Actuator type: Electromagnetic, piëzo, etc.,

  • Off-the-shelf, customized existing actuator or a newly developed actuator.

Actuator experience

A brief overview of the actuators types our experts have in-depth knowledge about:

  • Voice coils (sometimes combined with so called gravity compensation and/or stiffness compensation),

  • Linear motors,

  • Magnetic bearings / magnetic levitation,

  • Hybrid actuators (combination of reluctance and Lorentz principle),

  • Piëzo actuators (static or resonance / walking principle),

  • Stepper motors,

  • (Brushless) DC-motors.

Actuator development competences

When standard actuators are insufficient, MI-Partners has the following competences to develop a custom solution:

  • Conceptual design and cost effective feasibility evaluation.

  • Detailed 2D/3D finite element calculations of the magnetic field (together with our partner Magnetic Innovations).

  • Mechanical design of the actuator.

  • Thermal design of the actuator.

  • Magnetic interference.

  • Industrial Partners to enable series manufacturing.

For more information about our competences, please contact us

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