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Simulation and FEM analysis


MI-Partners has advanced software tools to simulate a variety of physical phenomena. By using customized tools for generation of commonly used Ansys code, even complex systems can be modelled fast and cost-efficient.

Available simulation software

  • Ansys mechanical for static, dynamic and thermal FEM calculations.

  • Ansys CFD (Fluent and CFX) for thermofluid dynamics FEM calculations.

  • Ansys Maxwell for electromagnetic FEM calculations.

  • MSC Adams for multibody dynamics simulations.

  • Matlab Simulink and Simscape with various toolboxes for general physical modelling. 

  • Library of custom tools for fast, cost-efficient modelling of dynamics and thermomechanics in Ansys and Matlab.

Example: Dynamics and control simulation

  • Determining the eigenfrequencies and mode shapes of complex mechanical structures with Ansys Mechanical.

  • Simulation includes bearing elements, actuators and sensors.

  • Resulting transfer functions from actuators to sensors are imported in Matlab, controllers are tuned on simulated dynamics.

  • Closed loop performance of this machine can be evaluated in Matlab.

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