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Thermal analysis and design


We can recognize and predict thermal and thermo-mechanical effects which influence the system performance in an early stage of the system design. Thermo-mechanical design principles and thermal control strategies are implemented to guarantee system performance.


  • Modeling techniques (e.g. steady state and transient system modeling).

  • Design principles for thermal stability.

  • Thermal management for lifetime reliability and process quality.

  • Thermal conditioning techniques (e.g. local fluid stream heaters).

  • Thermal error compensation techniques

  • Testing skills and tools (e.g. calibration techniques, transient system identification).

  • Software tools for analysis and modelling of thermal systems.

Measurement hardware

  • Data acquisition hardware for measurement and thermal control.

  • Temperature sensors (NTCs, PTCs, thermocouples) for a wide array of applications and ranges.

  • Calibration setup for thermal sensors: Precision ±2 mK.

Conditioning and control hardware

  • Chillers for general water conditioning at 75 mK and 5 mK RMS stability, adding local fluid stream heaters reduces this to 0.5 mK RMS.

  • Temperature controlled enclosure (~1 m3) with 10 mK RMS stability.

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