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Testing and validation


MI-Partners has the experience and equipment to perform and interpret measurements in the fields of dynamics and thermo-mechanics. Measurements can be performed on site, such as a modal analysis on an existing machine, or in the lab at MI-Partners, for example to determine the dynamic stiffness of a machine component in a test setup. We have experience with building custom test setups for both research and qualification purposes. MI-Partners has access to a thermally conditioned enclosure and a cleanroom for measurements that require such an environment.

Modal analysis

  • Identify the shape, frequency and damping of machine modes in order to quantify the dynamic performance of a machine.

  • Wide range of available tools such as modal shakers, modal hammers, accelerometers and geophones for various applications.

  • Availability of advanced modal measurement and simulation software.

Measurement of dynamic stiffness and damping

  • Dedicated test rigs for different stiffness and frequency ranges, up to stiffness of 5e8 N/m.

  • Force cells (piezo, strain gauge) and displacement sensors (capacitive, inductive, optical, mechanical) for a variety of applications and ranges.

Floor vibration and floor stiffness measurements

  • Floor dynamics and vibrations levels can have impact on machine performance.

  • Using tools such as modal hammers, seismic shakers and highly sensitivity accelerometers, the impact of the floor on machine behavior can be measured.

Custom test rigs

  • MI-Partners can design and realise custom test rigs for measurement of vibrations, forces and displacements based on customer specifications.

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