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Design for precision


A precision engineer has a toolbox of design principles at his disposal. Creating a concept that combines some of these tools cleverly requires a lot of creativity. The mechanical design is at the basis of every mechatronic system.

Principle solutions

One of the most important design principles is to constrain every degree of freedom only once ('statically determined'). Our precision engineers know how to achieve such a design, but also know when to make an exception to this principle. This is an example of how we apply our theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

Applying design principles

Applying design principles to build statically determined mechanisms and systems, results in solutions that are:

  • Predictable (dynamics and lifetime)

  • Reproducible

  • Robust

  • Hysteresis-free design down to nanometer scale

  • Cost effective

Most design start with a simple sketch on paper. After 3D modeling, many parts are checked for stress and modal behavior using FEM.

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