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Company Profile

MI-Partners is a leading centre of expertise in the field of mechatronics, active in developing high end mechatronic products and systems.

Our ambition

MI-Partners wants to be rated as a top partner in mechatronic research and development by our customers.

We want to achieve this ambition through efficient organization, excellent people, developing our technical competences and expanding our knowhow by working together with partners. We work closely with our customers and try to understand their needs.

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Our organization

We help our customers by offering our experience and expertise in mechatronic innovations. We do this in the form of project-based R&D for a wide range of clients in a variety of fields. Our experience can provide a fresh look and out-of-the-box ideas. Dedicated teams are formed and projects vary in duration from a few weeks to over a year.


Our focus lies with early involvement in research and pre-development, but we can also provide the complete trajectory up to design, realization and testing. In our laboratories we have all the required tools, test & measurement equipment needed for high end developments. 

Our lean and effective organization allows us to act fast, flexibly and competitively to our customer’s needs. We do fair business; our offers and invoices are transparent, we stick to our agreements, deliver on time and communicate clearly.

Applying the high-tech mechatronic approach with a compact and highly educated team results in fast, innovative solutions...

Our people

Currently, we have a team of over 40 highly educated engineers. Our people are passionate about technological innovation and mechatronics development in particular. Their enthusiasm and customer focus comes from joy in their work.

Our engineers have extensive experience in project-based working and obtained recognized results in the sector. We have close ties to the academic world providing us with the latest technological insights.

Working at MI-Partners means working on high tech systems for a broad range of customers on a wide variety of subjects. Due to the compact size and short communication lines, MI-Partners has an open working atmosphere.

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Our history

MI-Partners was founded in 2007 by former manager of Philips CFT Leo Sanders, entrepreneur Bart van den Broek, TU/e-professor Maarten Steinbuch and TUD-professor Jan van Eijk.

Under the care of director Leo Sanders, our company has grown to an established name in mechatronics. In these years we have performed many projects for companies in several countries in Europe and overseas.

Our partners

Our largest customers see us more as a partner rather than a supplier. Likewise, we see them as partners instead of customers too. This close cooperation gives us the opportunity to innovate and help our customers to become more competitive. The projects we do is a source for inspiration and innovation for both parties.

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Specialist partners

Additionally, MI-Partners has a large network of partner companies with their own specializations and expertise. We cooperate with them to expand our own competences. Some of these partners are Simex for thermal and flow analysis, Mice for mechatronics consultancy, Magnetic Innovations for design of magnetic systems and actuators and GMT for passive damping.

Academic relations

Thanks to the support of our co-founders Prof. Dr. Ir. Maarten Steinbuch from Eindhoven University of Technology and Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan van Eijk from Delft University of Technology, MI-Partners has access to the latest technologies in the academic world. By constantly coaching several students (internship and graduate) we are able to stay close to academic research developments.

Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations
Mechatronic innovations

Markets and customers

This map gives an idea of where some of our customers are. We support SMEs, large OEM companies as well as scientific institutes. Our services include worldwide installation of equipment developed by MI-Partners.



Analytical / Science




Precision machining

Oil & gas

Handling (high-speed)


Market & customers
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