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and graduation assignments

MI-Partners’ main competences are mechatronic system design, precision engineering, electronics, embedded software development, thermal design, dynamics and control.

We offer internships and graduation assignments related to these topics. Internships and graduation assignments at MI-Partners are at the core of our technology roadmap and part of our advanced competence development program.


Given the complex nature of our work and student assignments, we are looking for above par students who are ready to take on a challenge in an industrial/scientific environment. The research proposals are based on our experiences with commercial projects, so you will be working on relevant topics. You are responsible for your own work, but we are highly committed to provide the support needed to make your assignment a success.


  • Flux feedback control for AMBs

  • ILC with basic functions

  • Characterisation of Flow Induced Vibrations

  • Coupling dynamic models of large mechatronic systems

  • Model reduction sensor placement

  • Passive damping – damped modal analysis



Name: Jeffrey van Pinxteren


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