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New director MI-Partners

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

After having been director of MI-Partners for more than 13 years, Leo Sanders handed over his position to Ronald Schneider, who took over the role of Director of MI-Partners, starting from 1-7-2020.

Leo Sanders, founder and major shareholder, will continue to be intensely involved with MI-Partners. He will focus more on supporting internal processes and maintaining the network of customers, suppliers and other partners.

Ronald Schneider has been working at MI-Partners since its inception. In his current role he leads several projects, manages several clients and leads the mechanical competence group. Ronald will also be responsible for general management as of July 1st onward.

With this change of management, a new era is dawning for MI-Partners, in which we want to support our customers, not only with our strong system architecture, dynamics and precision mechanics competencies, but now also with electronics and embedded software development. Our new facilities with good infrastructure and cleanrooms will also contribute to MI-Partners becoming an increasingly important player in the field of mechatronics.


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